How's it going to work?

So you've decided to participate in Pandacodium 2013. We're happy to have you.

For those of you who have never participated in a hackathon before, here's a small rundown of what happens. A bunch of people from around the world get together online and form teams. Then, when given the go ahead, these teams develop a project based on the guidelines and theme of the hackathon. They usually use an online version control system (such as Github) to commit their code to and deploy their project to a hosting provider for testing. All this happens iteratively -- they usually only have 48 hours. Once the event is over, teams present their projects and winners are chosen and awarded prizes. If everything went well, the same thing happens again next year.

Pandacodium 2013 is no different. We will be providing each team with a private Github repository for them to work from and a server to deploy to. This year's theme is realtime web applications. Realtime web applications usually leverage asynchronous technologies such as Web Sockets or its older brother AJAX. Projects can be written in Javascript, Python, Ruby or PHP. For a list of example projects and a proper definition of "realtime", visit the rules and the documentation pages.


Weeks before the event:
Log into the website (via Github) and either register your team or create one for others to join. There is a four person limit per team and solo teams are allowed. Also, be sure to read up on the awesome realtime APIs we'll be documenting.
August 16th 7PM EST:
Pandacodium 2013 officially begins! We'll send a tweet out from our official account and unlock your repositories.
August 18th 6PM EST:
At this point you have an hour left before you're locked out of your project repository. You should be deploying and making sure nothing blew up with your last few commits.
August 18th 7PM EST:
Pandacodium 2013 ends! Sad panda.
August 19th - 25th:
Wait patiently for an email saying that we're judging your project. You'll get feedback via email but you won't know how you did (how you placed overall) until Sunday when the winners are announced.
August 25th 7PM EST:
Check the winners page to see who won first, second and third place for Pandacodium 2013. You'll be able to see your ranking on your team page if you didn't make the top three in your category.


Max Mackie, Co-Founder

Student, developer, entrepreneur, photographer, brewer, serial board game and horror movie addict. Currently at @uOttawa in Computer Engineering.

Dominic McPhee, Co-Founder

Web & Mobile Developer, Photographer, Musician.

Michael Hall, Co-Founder

Pandacodium guy. Also Web Developer and things.