1. You must have a Github account. Registering more than once is not permitted.

2. The team's project must be written in one (or more) of the following languages: Javascript, Python, Ruby or PHP.
2.1 Languages that compile to Javascript (Coffeescript, Closurescript, etc.) can also be used. However, only the compiled Javascript code will be judged.

3. You may work alone or in a team. Teams can have a maximum of four (4) people.

4. To qualify, all projects must have:

  • A description of all libraries used during development
  • An introduction to the app and a brief description on how to use it

5. To qualify, all code within a project must be written during the 48 hour period specified by the event.
5.1 Open source libraries that have been publicly available for at least a week before the event can be used within the project.

6. All code produced during the event will be owned by the team that developed it.
6.1 Judges will have access to the code for judging purposes but will remove all copies from their computers after the judging period.
6.2 Teams are encouraged to open source their projects after the event, but it is not required.

7. To qualify, projects may not contain any racist, sexually explicit or otherwise offensive content.

8. Participants may not engage in malicious activity towards another team, the organizing staff or the website.

9. To qualify, each project must utilize some form of realtime communication between client(s) and server(s).

Judging Categories

Judging will be based on a set of guidelines which will be ranked from one to five (five being exceptional). In addition, judges will be asked to leave insightful and helpful comments for each project. Code quality will not be an explicit judging criteria, however all judges will have access to the projects' Github repository if they choose to analyze it.

Design / Ease of use

Does the project's design contribute positively to the user's experience? Would you be able to use the product without a tutorial? Were there undocumented features?

Utility / Fun

If judging a tool, do you think it's useful? If it's a game, is it fun? Could you see others finding the project fun or useful in the future?


How well does the project leverage real-time? Does it feel interactive or are the real-time aspects behind the scenes?

Innovation / Originality

Is the idea original? Does it solve an old problem in a new way? If it's a game, does it incorporate an original story with unique gameplay?


Was the project well thought out? Were there any issues or bugs left unfixed? Did you feel as if there were missing features?


The overall impression of the project. Based on all other categories.

While these rules are set in stone, we reserve the right to make modifications or additions if we missed something.
We'll announce it on twitter if we make any changes.