Project Name: Strength in Numbers

*By app I mean web app* Strength in Numbers is a way for community organizers to easily collect data about who supports their project. The idea would be for people to buy credits for $1 per credit and to spend those credits as donations to projects they care about. The design (as I imagined it) would be for each credit to be encapsulated in a balloon, and when you donate, it's like when you release a balloon into the air. Basically, what we would create is a way for community projects to make a profile to collect credits and to be able to cash out whenever their collection period is finished. Also, we would create user profiles for everyone to collect data and analyze trends. The app itself would be the beautiful bridge where people can give to their favorite causes easily and on the go.


Real Name: Hunter Willis

Location: New York City

Bio: Self taught web developer, I started learning Actionscript at 10. It only took a few months though to make the switch to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. On top of that, I am also self taught in PHP/MySQL. Best way to describe myself, well rounded. I am a team player who will voice his opinion, but only to do what's best for the team.


Real Name: Azim Majid

Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA

Bio: Skype: mcduder1


Real Name: Chris Fuller

Location: South Philadelphia



Real Name: Shelby Doolittle

Location: Richmond, VA, USA

Bio: Young programmer familiar with AngularJS, node.js, Firebase, and of course all the front end technologies. (Jquery, HTML, CSS)