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Real Name: Zach Fogg

Location: Maryland, USA

Bio: Aspiring software engineer. Tools: JavaScript (CoffeeScript), Python, C#, Node.js, Django, Linux, Vim, Git.


Real Name: Gio d'Amelio

Location: Seattle, WA

Bio: Soon to be CS student. I am a big fan of FOSS. I enjoy programming in javascript, coffeescript, python and using epic tools like Linux, Node.js and Git.


Real Name: flynn joffray

Location: santa cruz, ca

Bio: Full stack engineer. I work for eBay currently as a design engineer, previously at microsoft research in the FUSE labs group. I will code the shit out of shit. I will also design shit.


Real Name: Nick Shvelidze

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

Bio: Web, Android Developer; Open Source supporter; Student