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Cognifide Ninjas

Project Name: Panda Soldiers

Project URL: http://pandasoldierssc-cognifideninjas.rhcloud.com/

Panda Soldiers by Cognifide

It's hard to be a panda, especially at wartime. Get your weapon and fight for your honor. You are all alone on the field of war so be sure that you can shoot precisly. Good luck soldier!

Panda Soldiers is a real time-shooter game with multiplayer which will make you feel like a real soldier, panda soldier.


Important: Game works only in Chrome

  1. node.js - game server
  2. express.js - static files server in node.js
  3. socket.io - for client-server communication
  4. box2dweb - physics engine on server side
  5. Lo-dash - utility library for arrays and collections
  6. jQuery - you know what it is

Known issues

  1. We disabled sound for increased performance - server was locked while files downloading




Real Name: Tomasz Paulus

Location: Poznań, Poland

Bio: Front end developer, passionate about modern web technologies. Working for best company in Poznan - Cognifide. Since Pandacodium - addicted to Panda-soldiers game.


Real Name: Igor Napierała

Location: Poznań, Poland

Bio: Front end player. Focused on clear and understandable solutions which will not only be beautiful but also will bring unforgettable user experience.


Real Name: Kasper Warguła

Location: Poznań

Bio: Front-end specialist, JavaScript lover. Currently working for Cognifide (http://cognifide.com) in Zengage (http://zengage.cognifide.com/) development team. Twitter: @KasperWargula


Real Name: Łukasz Wójciak

Location: Poznań

Bio: Love testing alpha / unstable / bleeding edge front-end technologies. Currently interested in server-side box2d physics engines and openWeb standards mobile app development. Got a HTML5 t-shirt!

Panel Judge


Real Name: Adrian Rylski




Cool game with a creative idea. Smooth with no glitches. Fun. Dobra robota!


Real Name: Mike Dalziel

Location: Canada



Its a fun game, but it is very choppy when more than one player is in the game. Some optimization and it would be great. Great work for only having 48 hours.


Real Name: Dominic McPhee

Location: Ottawa, ON

Bio: Pandacodium Co-Founder - Web & Mobile Developer


This was actually a lot of fun to play. The controls are intuitive and the physics are a nice touch. There was some lag when their was too much action going on, but still playable. I would love to see this optimized even more and expanded on. It would be neat to add new weapons or other power-ups. Overall I really enjoyed this. Great work!

Panel Judge


Real Name: Kenneth Keiter

Location: Portland, OR



Guys, let me start by saying that this was awesome. The lack of sound effects didn't really matter -- I ended up annoying my housemate by generating my own "pew pew pew" noises while I played this for the first time. Someone going by the handle "Dom" kicked my ass. Overall, really nice work.

It took me a second to figure out how to get moving. I thought I'd gotten stuck on the bottom of the screen for a while until I realized that my panda could take multiple jumps (figures, right?!) -- but once I figured out how to get it going, it was really fun. The motion control in the game was a little dicey. I could never figure out if two "W" presses was going to send my panda rocketing toward the top of the screen or give me a couple "feet" of lift.

The other thing that it took me a while to figure out was the scoring; the little "health bar" above the panda wasn't very visible and clear for at least a few minutes. Respawn could use some animation, too -- just appearing in the corner of the screen didn't really feel like a penalty. I'd love to see a scoreboard or something similar. I'm sure you guys had it planned, but just ran out of time.

Really nice work!


Real Name: Trevor




A little laggy. Otherwise, good.


Real Name: Max Mackie

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Bio: Pandacodium Co-Founder, entrepreneur and board game addict


This thing is addictive! It seems like you've drastically improved performance during the 48 hours of the competition. There are still some physics bugs (my panda kept trying to move right by default - it was weird) but the gameplay was awesome. I also loved the panda theme you incorporated into the game.

I hope you're going to keep going with this.

Panel Judge


Real Name: Dumitru Glavan

Location: Kapellen, Belgium

Bio: http://be.linkedin.com/in/dumitruglavan


This is a great example of a real-time app :)

It's a bit hard to kill the other pandas as I'm not able to shoot straight. Cute project overall.


Real Name: Andrew Kandalaft




This is awesome! I remember seeing this when it was still in development and it was so laggy it was unbearable. Just had a round with a friend (and I won!) and the lag is gone and it plays really well.

It's easy to play, controls are simple, it's fun, definitely real-time, and you've really got the game playable. I think you guys did a fantastic job in this hackathon, you decided on an application that fits within the time frame, the complexity at the level doable within the context of the hackathon, and included the core theme of the hackathon really well.

From all the applications I've seen, there were a few that popped up as very interesting and great ideas but were difficult to have much complete in time. You guys "played" the pandacodium competition really well. I liked it a lot. Geat job guys!


Real Name: Lance Lafontaine




Got an error upon reloading: "Maximum user number has been reached. Try again later." Simplistic game, love the multiplayer aspect too. Game runs rather smoothly but finding my jumps a little unresponsive. Hoped for something slightly more complex though: different levels, acheivements, maybe even a single player (although I'm probably asking too much).


Real Name: Gregor Terrill

Location: Canada

Bio: Web developer at N-VisionIT Interactive.


Fun, simple little game. Performance could use a bit of work, but it was fairly responsive. There's a lot you could add to this game to make it more interesting, but you did a good job of managing your scope and ending the weekend with a pretty complete product. Good job.

PS. The 'faster and more stable' instance wouldn't let me join with an error about max user limit reached.

Panel Judge


Real Name: Marcel Turcotte

Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada

Bio: Associate Computer Science professor at the University of Ottawa.


  1. Design / Ease of use

    1. Clean and simple design

    2. Similar look and feel to existing games, which makes it easy to use.

  2. Utility / Fun

    1. Entertaining

  3. Real-Time

    1. Certainly leverages real-time!

    2. Responsiveness was great, especially for a game that was put together in such short time.

  4. Innovation / Originality

    1. Maybe the only weak aspect of the application, there are quite a number of games like this, as far as I know, but I am not a big gamer myself, so I might be wrong.

  5. Completeness

    1. It was deceiving that it works only in Chrome.

  6. Overall

    1. Excellent!


Real Name: Sarah Marinoff

Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada



  • Cute design, good job incorporating the panda mascott
  • They was no one else playing while I played, but I am going to assume that it would handle load reasonably well
  • I understand you were using Box2D for the physics, but I felt like the controls could've used a little refining - e.g. starting speed was too slow, acceleration too fast. The collision hulls were also a little awkward in some parts of the map, such as the panda ears
  • Missing features (unless they only appear when there are other players): score of some kind? Too bad about the music too.