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Django Wannabes

Project Name: PayUP

Project URL: http://myapp-djangowannabes.rhcloud.com/

Description & Summary

We created a simple app to help with splitting checks or otherwise manage budgets between groups of friends. Our idea is to make this realtime so that changes to the "budget" are committed to all clients automatically. This way a group of people could together be connected to the same event and automatically synchronise their budgets together.

Our app works, but is very buggy. We managed to put together a very basic interface last minute :). There are only two pages (if you don't count the underlying django pages) so it's not very big. We recommend using chrome when browsing it, we found that angular + firefox breaks one of the REST urls that we use :(

If we were to continue coding on the app, we would probably first finish the base functionality and fix the most obvious bugs. Some basic authentication and more "permanent" users would be nice. Ability to share via a social network or even log in via (OAUTH?). Another thing we discussed while brainstorming was adding a specialised page for restaurant owners, and the ability to "claim" check items added by the restaurant. We could go on...

To summarize; the greatest success in our project was how much we managed to learn about new frameworks. Prior to this hackathon we had little to no experience with Django, and only some experience with AngularJS and we now feel that we can use both of these frameworks well. We were also pleasantly surprised by the OpenShift deploy/git shennanigans, even if it took us several hours to get it working.



  1. Django
  2. Django-Rest-Framework
    • pip install djangorestframework
  3. Django-Extensions
    • pip install django-extensions
  4. MySQL
    • python-mysqldb apt-get install python-mysqldb
    • Make sure default engine is myisam and not innoDB. Or Django will complain about foreign keys :(


  1. AngularJS

    • ngResource
    • ngCookie

  2. PureCSS


Real Name:




Real Name: Joakim Uddholm

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Bio: 4th year student at the Royal Institute of Technology. Working as a security consultant and programmer, mainly focusing on the .NET stack.


Real Name: Frederick




Real Name: Erik

Location: Sverige



Real Name: Mike Dalziel

Location: Canada



Looks like the project is very incomplete. Totally understandable given the time frame of pandacodium. Glad to see you guys enjoyed the competition and gained some experience with some new frameworks.


Real Name: Dominic McPhee

Location: Ottawa, ON

Bio: Pandacodium Co-Founder - Web & Mobile Developer


This seems like it could actually be handy to have sometimes. I found the app easy to use and the real-time connection was very responsive. I also liked the clean design, although it could still use some refining. One thing that might help is to add a wrapper on the content of the page to give it margins. There did seem to be some problems with the logic of the calculations, but with some more work this could be a useful app.


Real Name: Trevor




Very confusing. Not clear what "Paid", "Owed", and "Diff" mean. Definitely incomplete - still shows "Test!" for item regardless of what was entered. Does not support non-integer numbers for amount No default for All/Specific. Unclear exactly what those refer to.

Panel Judge


Real Name: Dumitru Glavan

Location: Kapellen, Belgium

Bio: http://be.linkedin.com/in/dumitruglavan


It's a nice idea that should be implemented as a mobile app. There are already a bunch of competitors that embrace the same concept but there is always space for a better one.

The real-time list update behaves properly. And the simplicity of adding a name only to create lists - rocks. Too bad that the core functionality is still buggy.

Thumbs up for learning so many technologies in such a short amount of time!


Real Name: Andrew Kandalaft




I really like the design of the application. The choice in colour scheme, general layout, flat design, for some reason looking at the page made me feel cheerful. However I don't think the general idea is that original and it would probably make more sense as a mobile app (even if an HTML5 cross-platform one). It was very incomplete which made it a bit difficult to judge. I'm also not sure how much people would like to be using this app while out to keep track of things, I feel like it would be difficult to implement this in a way that would make it easier than just discussing it verbally. The real-time aspect was very nice though. I liked how when I went to the URL in another window, asked for your name and boom you're in the list in both windows. That was very well done.

If you were to continue with it, I'd probably add just a few things such as good social network integration. That way you can invite your friends right through Facebook for example and have photos available. Maybe integrate it with existing check-in system, that way you can get more benefits from using the app. I do like its simplicity so I wouldn't add too much more functionality to it. The main purpose of this hackathon is for people to learn something and have fun programming and I think you guys did a really good job at that!


Real Name:




Interesting idea, fairly complete project. Completion of your TODO's would make this a much more useful and persistent alternative to hassle with a spreadsheet.


Real Name: Max Mackie

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Bio: Pandacodium Co-Founder, entrepreneur and board game addict


This is one of those things that you don't realize you need until you need it. I can definitely see it being useful for groups of friends.

One thing I'd really try to get implemented is a proper mobile view (embrace Bootstrap) seeing as it would be useful for people on-the-go or in the middle of a restaurant. Another cool idea would be integrating social networking to invite people to your tab.

Keep developing this one - I'd love to see it finished.


Real Name: Lance Lafontaine




I can see the general need for this sort of web app. However, would have loved to see more of it accomplished (it's pretty barebones right now). The UI may also need to revamp, but given the time restraint I won't say anything :). For the most part, great idea, and would love to use a feature-filled app like this in the future.


Real Name: Michael Hall

Location: The Sol System

Bio: Pandacodium guy. Also Web Developer and things.


The design is very nice for this, however I found this app a little hard to use. It seems to require that all parties put in their own items, which I think will make it more difficult to get accurate results. I can see how a web app like this could be useful over the usual mobile phone application, which often doesn't allow sharing results, but I think some of the UX needs to be re-organized to get it to work really well.


Real Name: Gregor Terrill

Location: Canada

Bio: Web developer at N-VisionIT Interactive.


Neat idea, but fairly buggy. As you mentioned, there are a few major issues when using certain browsers. In Firefox I was unable to add new items, and in IE my own name/items didn't appear to me (though they appeared to other users).

In terms of using the app itself, it could be clearer how to resolve the transaction. I see who paid what, and who's owed what, but the important thing is who needs to give who how much money when all is said and done, and that's not immediately obvious after using the app.

Anyway, kudos to you guys for stepping out of your comfort zone and trying some new frameworks. With a bit more work and polish this could be a handy little app!

Panel Judge


Real Name: Marcel Turcotte

Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada

Bio: Associate Computer Science professor at the University of Ottawa.


  1. Design / Ease of use

    1. Simple, clean, and easy to use. However, addition information is needed. I wasn't sure how to borrow something, for instance.

  2. Utility / Fun

    1. I don't know. I looks like a nice enough project to get to learn these technologies, but I failed to see a real world application for it. It's probably that I am not imaginative enough.

  3. Real-Time

    1. Leverages real-time.

  4. Innovation / Originality

    1. I guess it is, but at the same time, the application also needs a niche.

  5. Completeness

    1. The application did not crash, but the name of items are not showing up in the paid for column.

  6. Overall

    1. Well done!

Panel Judge


Real Name: Adrian Rylski




Great idea and good effort. Continue working on the app though!


Real Name: Sarah Marinoff

Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada



This is a pretty neat concept. It definitely helps in a complex bill splitting scenario (e.g. five friends go out, three share one thing, two share another, one person has their own thing, etc.). I'm not sure how wide an audience this would be, but it's always nice to have the option. It obviously still needs a lot of work, but you're off to a good start. And good job working with unfamiliar technology.