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Project Name: MeepleMeet

Project URL: http://meeplemeet.com


MeepleMeet is an app that lets you find and organize gaming meet-ups in your town. The original idea was for board game meet-ups (hence the name), but really, ti would work just as well for role playing games, LAND parties (are LAN parties still a thing?) or many other types of group activities.

Under the Hood:

  • strong_parameters

  • markdown support

  • bourbon

  • omniauth-twitter

  • geocoder

  • font-awesome-rails

  • will_paginate

  • faye

  • private_pub

  • thin

  • jQuery

  • AddThis

  • Twitter oAuth

  • MySQL

Known Issues

  • I managed to break the Faye/Live Server stuff at the last minute. :(

  • There's a weird session bug that causes some breakage if you delete a logged in person, but right now there's no in-app way to delete an account, either

Future Plans:

  • Convert to Rails 4 (misread the Ruby version info on OpenShift and thought I wouldn't be able to use it)

  • More oAuth Providers

  • Stand-alone login

  • Better social networking integration overall

  • Integration with the BoardGameGeek API for game data and member game collections

  • Private Events

  • Recurring Events

  • Multiple event managers

  • Signing up to bring stuff

  • Better chat moderation

  • Email/SMS Notification (for changes to attending events or new events in your area)

  • Ability to "Friend" people

  • Internal messaging

  • Ability to remove people from the attending list

  • Ability to approve/confirm attending players

  • 4mins to go and I realized I forgot to list attending meetups on profile pages!



Real Name: Kelli Shaver

Location: Morehead, KY

Bio: http://kellishaver.com


Real Name: Mike Dalziel

Location: Canada



Great start to the site. Everything seems to work already and I like your ideas for future upgrades. I would look into pulling your games list from boardgamegeek as it can be tedious to add all your games if you have a lot.


Real Name: Dominic McPhee

Location: Ottawa, ON

Bio: Pandacodium Co-Founder - Web & Mobile Developer


What seems like a somewhat obvious idea is actually quite unique. Yes there are other ways to organize meetups and boardgame collections, but this is a great way to combine them both. This site does that and does it well. It is a simple design and is intuitive to use. I was impressed by how much you got done in the 48 hours. I hope you continue to work on this. I could see BGG integration being a big help for a lot of people.


Real Name: Trevor




Could not host a meetup. Search field defaults to hometown after searching, even for other things.

Panel Judge


Real Name: Kenneth Keiter

Location: Portland, OR



Nice work, Nitch team. I enjoyed playing around with MeepleMeet. I've done my best to give you guys some constructive feedback, below.

Design/Ease of Use

I appreciated the simplicity of the layout (especially the header navigation) and was able to find my way around the application pretty easily.

You lost a point in the design/ease of use category by hiding venue and attendance details by default when viewing meetups; your headers don't look actionable, so I simply thought you'd left that functionality out. On a whim, as I was about to log out, I tried clicking one and discovered that there was, in fact, content -- which gained you a rating point in the completeness category.

I would have really liked to see autocompletion of game names.


I can definitely see MeepleMeet being useful, but I'm not entirely sure what differentiates it so significantly from something like Facebook Events, which allows you to plan many of the same details. Discovery of common interests is a good theme -- but at the end of the day, centering it around boardgames is almost too Nitch.

I wasn't able to get meetup chat working (was getting 500s whenever the server was polled for messages) so I wasn't really able to test it. One of your application server instances was also either dead or severly hung, so every few clicks the application would stop dead in its tracks and I'd have to resubmit my request, which factored into your completeness score.


I didn't feel that the use of chat added a lot to the application. It kind of seemed like an afterthought. Everything else seemed to be done without any need for real-time communication.


There are other sites that address this problem already. That doesn't mean it can't be done better -- but it may be a solved problem.


Real Name: Max Mackie

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Bio: Pandacodium Co-Founder, entrepreneur and board game addict


Simply an amazing app and definitely something I want to use right now. It's already very complete, given you only had 48 hours. I would love to see this scaled up and integrated with Board Game Geek.

While browsing I found a bug that doesn't allow you to create a meetup if you haven't added a game to your collection yet. Makes sense, but it would be nice to see a user friendly message instead of a fatal error. Not a big deal for the first iteration of this app.

Panel Judge


Real Name: Dumitru Glavan

Location: Kapellen, Belgium

Bio: http://be.linkedin.com/in/dumitruglavan


Great achievement in 48 hours, the project seems to be complete.

I like that the registration process goes smooth and that you can easily understand what you have to do in this app without a tutorial. The Geo search and the entire site functionality seems to work properly.

However, I would have expected to be more as a SPA rather than a traditional Rails app. Would have enjoyed to see more real-time features on the site and spontaneous in-place updates popping out on the page, to beat the Facebook Events.

It might be cool to be possible to add meet-up pictures and videos in the future as well.


Real Name: Andrew Kandalaft




Fantastic job here, one of my favourites. The user interface is very sleak, clean, well made and unbelievably complete for a singler person job in 48 hours. I would have liked to see more real-time aspects, such as the chat box in the meetups automatically showing new messages for people without a page refresh and notifications for meetups being made for example.

There's definitely some more work to do here, like having a friend list, allowing more than one administrater for the meetup. I don't think I really need to name them, they are common things and scrolling up to see your future plans I notice you've already got most of those in your list.

Overall, I think you did a great job, would have been surprised if it was any more complete given the situation. You managed to impress me which makes me overlook the lack of real-time features. I can see Max abusing this site so I would hope you continue working on it.


Real Name: Lance Lafontaine




Nice UI, and can see the practically of a web app like this. However, this sort of web app is nearing a social network: it's only fun/useful if there are members of the site in your area, which might not always be the case. Thus, in a sense, it isn't universal. However, that's just about the only criticism I can come up with.


Real Name: Gregor Terrill

Location: Canada

Bio: Web developer at N-VisionIT Interactive.


Great app. Well laid out and very easy to use. You guys did a phenomenal job in the amount of time you had. I can see this being something I'd actually use.

Ran into one minor issue - the meetup I created didn't show up on my dashboard, but I could see it when I clicked "See All". I'd maybe add another button for "My Meetups" in the navbar between "Host a Meetup" and "Profile" so it's easier to get to from other pages.

Some other suggestions for what to add if you keep working on it: - Auto-complete when entering games or the option to import board game collections from BoardGameGeek would be great - It'd be great if when joining other people's meetups, you could mark games/items they've requested to volunteer to bring that thing so everyone knows it's taken care of. Of course, you can do this via the chat as is, but this would be a neat addition. - Having meetup participants be able to vote on what they want to play would be cool. - Would be nice to be able to search users by name instead of just location.

Panel Judge


Real Name: Marcel Turcotte

Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada

Bio: Associate Computer Science professor at the University of Ottawa.


  1. Design / Ease of use

    1. The design is clean and simple.

    2. Conveniently, the Dashboard page shows the events that one is hosting and attending, as well as people near you.

    3. I was a bit confused about the "MEETUPS YOU'RE ORGANIZING" section on of the Dashboard.
      1. After creating a meet up event, I went to the Dashboard, but I couldn't see event. I created another event, and went to the Dashboard page again. Somehow, the events were not showing, I needed to click on 'see all' to see them.
  2. Utility / Fun
  3. Real-Time
  4. Innovation / Originality

    1. I reckon there are similar applications for meet up and board games. I wasn't sure what was specific to Meeple/Meet.

    2. Perhaps some king of (video) hang out, for those who could not attend, or distributed events.
    3. Perhaps having informations attached to games, links, video.
    4. Find people seems somewhat limited, as far as I understand, one has to go through pages to find people. There is a search by location, though. Of course, given the amount of time given, this is excellent.

  5. Completeness

    1. Unfortunately, the application crashed as I tried to host an event before adding games to my profile. When it did crash, it exposed information about the file system structure, source code, session, etc.

    2. Although, I added a 'game I would like to see', it did not show up on the event page.

  6. Overall

    1. Impressive Web application.


Real Name: Michael Hall

Location: The Sol System

Bio: Pandacodium guy. Also Web Developer and things.


Great job on this, I'm very impressed that you managed to get so much done in the allotted time! Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much in the way of real-time features apart from the chat in the events, but I can see this being a very useful app for a lot of people.

I really hope you continue to work on this, it's looking really good.

Panel Judge


Real Name: Adrian Rylski




Neat and useful tool. Design could reflect more the goal of the app.