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The Girl and The Boy

Project Name: Trial of Two

Project URL: http://trialoftwo-thegirlandtheboy.rhcloud.com:8000/

Trial of Two



Trial of two is a two player collaborative puzzle game. The objective of the game is for both players to reach their respective "doors" and complete the level.

How to play:

Upon loading the game's web page, you will be presented with a title screen and a button to find a "match" in order to start playing. If there is another player available, you will be matched with them, and the game will load.

Once the game loads, you will see a large game screen. The screen is likely larger than your monitor, so you may have to scroll the web page in order to see the characters and the rest of the map.

You can control the blue character by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. The remote player will control the red player. Important: There is a bug in the code which might cause the two players to become out of sync if the arrow keys are pressed too quickly. Please wait until your character has stopped moving before pressing another arrow key to avoid this.

If we aren't available to interact with you, simply open a second tab of the game, and you should be able to connect with yourself and play between the two tabs.

Game Vision and Progress


Our main inspiration for this game was the Golden Sun series, focusing on their implementation of various puzzles. Specifically, we were inspired by the Colosso section of the first Golden Sun game. Our initial vision was that travelling warriors have come to compete in various trials, and must work together to overcome them.

Golden Sun - Colosso

Golden sun is a single player only game. We thought to include multiplayer through Portal 2 co-op style puzzles, where actions by both parties are required to progress.

What we did, and what we wish we could have done

Trial of Two!

What we did

  • Implemented a complete game engine, with all the game mechanics we needed
  • Got a full level complete from start to finish, with a win screen and everything!
  • Modeled a complete suite of assets, including full spritesheets for the two characters.
  • Got a node.js server running, and made an actual real-time app! (A first for us)
  • Implemented match making, so multiple pairs of players can play independently of each other.

What we didn't do (but wanted to)

  • Implement multiple levels, and have the server randomly serve them to the pair
  • Have sound ( =( )
  • Have a cool Fire / Ice mechanic, where one player could control Fire and the other could control Ice, and use that somehow.


Technical info and Libraries we used:

Trial of Two is a node.js application written entirely in the HTML5 canvas.

  • jQuery: used for animation of the menu UI (the only part of the game not using canvas)
  • socket.io: used to facilitate the web socket between client and server
  • Google Fonts: used for the menu UI font


Who we are:

The Girl and The Boy are Bethany Dunfield and Andrew Brough. We are two Interactive Multimedia and Design students at Carleton University, with a passion for making meaningful experiences through games. We have participated in the Global Game Jam (twice!) and the Great Canadian Appathon. Sometimes we work in teams, sometimes just us two. Trial of Two is our most complete project built in a 48 hour competition to date! We are extremely proud of what we accomplished!


Real Name: Bethany Dunfield

Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada

Bio: Carleton Interactive Multimedia and Design Student. Currently on a Co-op as a front-end Software Developer / tester, mainly using HTML5 tech.


Real Name: Andrew Brough

Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada

Bio: Close to graduating Carleton's Interactive Multimedia and Design program, I'm looking to make the best games to create long lasting impressions. I am dedicated, passionate and driven to push the envelope for all games.


Real Name: Mike Dalziel

Location: Canada



Looks like you two put a lot of work into this. The experience is somewhat marred by the loss of sync when playing. With some bug fixes and a bit more content it could be a nice little game.


Real Name: Max Mackie

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Bio: Pandacodium Co-Founder, entrepreneur and board game addict


Very impressed with this project. You guys were able to get a full game level up and running while leveraging awesome realtime cooperation rolled up in an awesome revival of a GameBoy game. When I connected, another player joined fairly quickly (pretty sure it was one of you guys), it added the extra touch. I can see this game being extremely addictive given more levels and some performance enhancements (it was a little choppy, but probably due to the low resource deploy environment). I'm blown away by the characters you created. Simply awesome. I wouldn't even know where to start if I wanted to do that myself.

Possible areas of improvement would be the size of the map/screen. I didn't like that I had to scroll (on a 17" Macbook Pro). Could possibly make it autoscroll with the moving character. Definitely not that big of a problem ... after all you only had 48 hours!

I'd love to see this keep going as a project.

Panel Judge


Real Name: Dumitru Glavan

Location: Kapellen, Belgium

Bio: http://be.linkedin.com/in/dumitruglavan


Congrats for managing to launch a game in 48 hours! I know that it's a challenge to built a real-time, multi-player game and I respect your call.

I've liked how easy is to join the game with multiple users. Finding the second team mate was easy. The game seems to load fast enough and the graphics are ok.

The fact that I had to scroll my screen up and down to find my character was a bit frustrating. Also, the characters get desynchronized at some point and they have different placements between 2 browser windows. Because of this, I couldn't reach to get on the pole and jump through the exit... This is are some snapshots between 2 browsers: http://cl.ly/image/3w113e0W1W2K and http://cl.ly/image/413Q3k142V30 . Tried to press smoothly on my keyboard, to keep the characters in sync, but couldn't manage to do it...

The graphics are well shaped, taking into account the short deadline.

It would be nice to have more interactivity in the game, to pick up some random stuff on the ground for extra points or to have some wild animals running around, maybe an evil monster or smth :) This could boost the fun level and the real-time part of the app.

Great start, guys and wish you good luck with the game!


Real Name: Andrew Kandalaft




The main thing I'd like to start with is that making a game in 48 hours is unbelievably difficult, especially a real-time multi-player one. That's a courageous thing to do so points for that! The problem is that it makes it very difficult to judge, the fact that you got a full level working to test out made me give you a higher completeness mark. The real-time aspect is nice, though it is quite a bit buggy, hard to keep them in sync, I find the other character just disappears quite frequently, sometimes permanently. Sometimes the changes just never came through to the other window.

The game in general is somewhat original, I do like how you put the multi-player aspect which is less commonly seen. It's pretty cool that you actually have to work as a team to finish the puzzle. Given the lag and out of sync it's tough to put much into the fun and ease of use as well.

For your application there isn't really much comments for me to give with respect to ideas and ways to improve it. It's pretty straight forward and you guys seem to have a really nice vision for the game already. I feel like you deserve a higher score based on the difficult task that you guys decided to tackle in such a short time but I put what I felt was best within the context of the hackathon. If I can mention anything, I've seen a lot of really high quality 3D engines that you guys can use to improve graphics, perhaps allow for more complicated puzzles as well.

You guys should definitely be really proud of what you managed to do in such a short time, you may score #1 in the competition with respect to completion relative to task tackled from what I've seen so far, too bad there isn't a prize for that :P but I think this is definitely still a competitor!


Real Name: Lance Lafontaine




Loved the simplicity and execution of the game. I played the two GBA Golden Suns, and instantly saw what you were trying to accomplish after you mentioned it. Great user experience, easy and simple too. I'm just unsure as to the originality of the project: like I said, it felt exactly like I was playing a simplified Golden Suns, which came out 10 years ago(?). Lastly, the bug with pressing multiple arrows is noticeable. Otherwise, great stuff.


Real Name: Michael Hall

Location: The Sol System

Bio: Pandacodium guy. Also Web Developer and things.


I liked the design of this game, nice and simple, and I'm a fan of the sprites you had. Unfortunately, my game got out of sync, and then it crashed my browser.

I think the next move for you guys should be to improve the syncing and to try to make it take fewer resources. After that some more complex levels would be nice. I'd also like to see some form of high scores in the vein of time to complete. Lastly, I'd like to be able to invite a partner to the game instead of always being randomly selected.

I'm a huge fan of puzzle games, and I can see this one being quite fun with the right partner.